3. The Final Post on my continuous inking system

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peter spring

3. The Final Post on my continuous inking system

Post by peter spring » Sat Dec 10, 2011 9:20 pm

The time has come to sound the last post on my Permajet Continuous Inking System. I have now sent it to the recycling centre in Latimer Road together with the R2400.
I started down the continuous inking system for cost reasons. Initially I was very pleased with, despite its rather Heath Robinson appearance. But as time went on it became unreliable, a fault eventually dignosed by Permajet as a minute hole in one of the supply pipes.
When this problem was solved my R2400 started playing up. I can recommend Computer Cavern in Little Marlow for repairing R2400s. However multiple head cleanings filled the sponges more quickly than I would have liked and although Computer Cavern solved this issue the continuous inking system went wrong again, failing to deliver enough ink to one of the heads. To solve this problem I spent ages head cleaning and it was rare I could rely on it to produce a print to the standard I wanted when I wanted. Life's too short to spend hours head cleaning.
So it was off to the dump with the printer and ink system.
And what did I buy instead. An Epson R3000 which has static cartridges feeding the heads via microbore tubes. A bit like the continuous inking system really. Can't buy continuous inking systems for R3000s but should I investigate refillable cartridges...................? Or should I heed Compter Cavern's warning "We're not keen on continuous inking systems or compatible cartridges"

Mike Hynes
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Re: The Final Post on my continuous inking system

Post by Mike Hynes » Mon Dec 12, 2011 6:12 pm

Thank you for those notes on the Permajet system, Peter. I'm sorry it didn't work well for you.
I had wondered why the Permajet site concentrated so much on cleaning clogged print heads.

Pamela Moncur

Re: The Final Post on my continuous inking system

Post by Pamela Moncur » Tue Jan 10, 2012 5:04 pm

I had a problem with my Epson SX200 after using compatible inks. At the same time paper got caught in my Epson 3800 & I had to have a freelance repairer out.

My SX200 had to be replaced under warranty - of course I had never used any other inks but Epson!!! ... & the engineer told me he had had innumerable problems with Epson printers and the Permajet continuous inking system.

My old workhorse HP A4 printer had worked fine for 10 years with compatible inks but Epson seems to have made it impossible to use them


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