3.Test your video card compatibility re "Unable to set LUTs"

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3.Test your video card compatibility re "Unable to set LUTs"

Post by Mike Hynes » Mon Nov 19, 2012 6:12 pm

If you see "Unable to set LUTs" then read on . . . .

LUT Tester - How do I Know if My Video Card is Compatible?
In order to calibrate and profile a monitor, the software must be able to download correction information to the computer's graphics/video card. This modifies a correction Look Up Table (LUT) in the video card every time your computer is started or your profile is loaded. The video card, driver and operating system must allow this to be done or monitor profiling will not work. The answer varies depending on your system:

MacOS X:
As a requirement for running on MacOSX, all video cards must accept a downloadable LUT.

Download our "LUT tester" and instructions to determine if your Windows system is compatible:
• LUT Tester (zip file)
(111.62 KiB) Downloaded 1174 times
• LUT Tester Instructions (PDF format)

These PDF instructions have been downloaded to the APS web site and follow on below:
The tester is the attachment above in this topic.

LUT Tester Information.
This is an application created by Sequel Imaging to test whether a video card supports the loading and unloading of monitor Look-Up-Tables (LUTS) that takes place when displays are calibrated and profiled.
The application is a simple executable that does not require an installer. It has a file size of less than 150kb to allow quick download times.


1. Download the application called LUT_Tester.exe from the web site and save it to your hard drive.
(Please note the file’s download location so you can find it after the download is complete.)

2. Double-click on the application and you will see the main application window, Figure 1.
LUT_Tester_Instructions_Figure1.jpg (36 KiB) Viewed 17403 times
LUT_Tester_Instructions_Figure2.jpg (34.7 KiB) Viewed 17403 times
3. Click on ‘Test’ and the application will attempt to download a simple LUT to the video card.
If the white box turns gray, the video card supports LUT downloads (Figure 2)

4. Click ‘Test’ again and the application will unload the LUT and the box will turn white again.

5. Click ‘Quit’ to exit the application.

There is no Macintosh version of this application as all Mac-compatible video cards support LUTs as part of their requirement to run on a Mac system.

Information from the X-Rite web site 19 Nov 2012

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