David Noton's Landscape Tips

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David Noton's Landscape Tips

Post by DavidBaldock » Sat Nov 28, 2015 3:12 pm


For extra stability hang your camera bag under tripod on a bungee to set the bag just touching the ground, so it doesn’t swing around in wind and destabilise tripod.

Evaluative/Matrix/Multi (depending on camera manufacturers description) metering is more than adequate for most light situations.

Circular Polariser filter can be used to good effect in e.g. woods, particularly if there is moisture on foliage, as it will still enhance
colours even if not sunny.

Use Aperture Priority and Exposure Compensation in preference to Manual exposure settings.

ALWAYS use histogram and expose as far to the right using exposure compensation without clipping highlights.

If using another filter as well as a Polariser, ALWAYS position polarising filter nearest subject i.e. as first filter in stack, so light hits it first.

Hard Edge Graduated filter is better than soft edge for sky control if horizon is distant and uncluttered.

Still use Aperture Priority to obtain exposure when using filters rather than Manual exposure.

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